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John Cameron & Fabrice Paget

MIT Hyperloop Branding innovation

MIT Hyperloop Pod Branding by Cameron Paget MIT Hyperloop Pod Branding by Cameron Paget

Cameron Paget was the official branding and design agency of the MIT Hyperloop team which won the Hyperloop competition

Logan Kinei Branding & Web for Health

Cameron Paget created the ‘Logan Kinei’ name, the brand identity and website for this US-based health and wellness innovator

Takachiho Rebranding industry

Cameron Paget is in the process of rebranding Tokyo-based specialty gases leader Takachiho.

B.A.T. Brand Premiumization

John Cameron and Fabrice Paget were hired to advise British American Tobacco on the premiumization of one of their core brands as well as working on new structural packaging.

The Needle App UX, UI and coding

Cameron Paget was entrusted with the complete User Experience, User Interface, Branding, Coding and Hosting of this innovative Social Network.

Cartier 3D Watch Display

Left Eye
Right Eye

For Cartier, we created a complete technological solution from macro cinematography shooting to a display without glasses that was used to present special edition pieces to the Press and retailers.

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New & Experienced 75-year worth of experience

Cameron Paget was started in 2017 by veteran creative director John Cameron (TESCO, DAF Trucks, Halifax, British Caledonian) and former Chief Marketing Officer Fabrice Paget (Cartier, De Beers, Fabergé). Together, John and Fabrice hold over 75 years of branding and design experience touching equally blue chip global business and start-ups.

Fabrice Paget

With a BSc in software engineering, and and MSc from M.I.T., founder Fabrice Paget is a rare creative and analytical hybrid personality, at ease talking brand strategy (with British American Tobacco), creating ground breaking digital experiences (Fabergé or Cartier) or photographing helicopters (American Helicopter Museum).

Starting his career as a graphic designer and illustrator, John quickly became the Creative Director for world-leading design consultancies Landor and Retail Planning Associates. As such, he has been instrumental in the management and creation of a number of Europe’s biggest branding projects: Tesco, Halifax, Europcar and Rolls-Royce being a few. John is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and also holds an MA in Visual Communication. He holds a D&AD Silver Award and is a member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

John Cameron

When John Cameron and Fabrice Paget first met in 2006, their focus was Luxury and they established The Luxury Brand Agency.

The agency counts global brands such as Cartier, De Beers, Fabergé, Omega, Farrow & Ball, as well as star-ups such as Preciously Paris and UltraMorea among its clients.

The Luxury Brand Agency is run today from its Notting Hill office in London.

During its 10 year history, The Luxury Brand Agency and its directors were called a few times to consult on branding and design projects outside the luxury industry, notably by retail giant TESCO (the world’s #3 supermarket chain) and British American Tobacco.

Recently, this trend accelerated with projects from Japan’s Takachiho, Philadelphia fitness and personal trainer Shaun Logan and the MIT Hyperloop team.

Today, Cameron Paget brings its time-tested methodologies, creativity, drive and service excellence to the wider world.

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